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Open Division Entry

No handicap, no limits. The winner of this division is the 2015 Australian Digital Champion and wins free entry to the 2016 Australian Go Congress

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Second Division Entry

Handicap division, for players fourth kyu or stronger.

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Third Division Entry

Handicap competition, for players up to fourth kyu in strength.

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Event details

Live in Australia?
Play the ancient oriental game of go, online?
Been wanting to play in a tournament, but just can't make it to a state capital city or burn an entire weekend face-to-face?
This year is your chance.
Come join us at the inaugural Australian Digital Tournament.


The Rules

  • Five rounds of online go, starting on Tuesday the first of September, 2015, one round per week.
  • The draw for each round will be sent out by email on the Monday. 
  • Sometime between Tuesday and Saturday you and the player you're drawn against play a game on on KGS or OGS in the Australia Room, then email the game number to the tournament director ( If the two of you do not agree where to play, it is KGS.
  • Game results for each round will be collected by the tournament director on the Sunday, and then the next round will be drawn.
  • Entry is open to any Australian or New Zealand player. The only way to enter is to get a ticket for one of the divisions listed at the top of this page, and click "Continue" to fill out your details and your rank.
  • Australians should be an Australian Go Association member first; ask your go club if they have taken care of this for you, or sign up online). New Zealand players should be NZGS members. We will use Australia ranks, or conversions of your rank to this.
  • No cash prizes, which is why the entry fee is $0.
  • Plenty of glory to be had, though - competitors earn AGA representative points, good for qualifying to represent Australia at international tournaments.


Open Division

  • For any rank up to eighth dan.
  • Even games, no handicap stones, six and a half points komi to white.
  • The winner of this division is the Australian digital champion.
  • Prize for first place is a free registration to compete in the 2016 Australian Go Congress in Sydney  courtesy of Raphael Shin, chair of the Congress Committee and president of the Australian Go Association.


Second Division


Third Division



Remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Cancellation policy

If you cannot make it to the tournament, please cancel so that we know who should be in the draw.

If you make it partway through the tournament and have to drop out, please let know and we will forfeit the rest of your rounds for you.


Tournament hosted by the Australian Go Association.